cintura "Magic Tape Salute" Ag 4.3 (1+1,9 segmenti)

Two Elastic ribbons 4.86 meters long with bandage rubber and 3.96 meters without bandage rubber, 22 mm wide. The distance between needles is 4.3 mm. The ribbon comprises of 9 segments. Segment is the part of the ribbon 44 cm approximately. Each ribbon comprises of working part (with needles) and bandage rubber (without needles) for soft ribbon fixation on body.
Prezzo di vendita: 146,40 €
Prezzo di vendita IVA esclusa: 120,00 €
Ammontare IVA: 26,40 €
Produttore: Lyapko Corporation

Applicator “Health magic ribbon” is very elastic and sparing the skin ribbon with fixed “cells” of needles. Taping the ribbon can be done either under the medical supervision or by yourself in home conditions. The increased coverage area has a unique healing effect upon the body in the healing process of almost all acupuncture points of the treated area. The feeling of lightness, warmth and relaxation occurs after taping the applicator with full restoration of strength and energy of the body. Pressing intensity of ribbon’s needles to the skin is regulated in the process of taping. The ribbon does not restrict movement and allows you making active movements, complex warm-up or remedial exercises.


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